Nei; An angel's face and Satan's ass

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Nei; An angel's face and Satan's ass Empty Nei; An angel's face and Satan's ass

Post by Femboy Fartgod on Sun Jun 12, 2016 3:33 am

Name: Nei

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Look Description: Nei; An angel's face and Satan's ass Femboy_fartgod_camp

Weight: Unknown

Height: 4'11

Bio: A first time camper with a shy but also self-confident nature. I'm a bit timid around people, but not at all uncomfortable with myself. I know that I'm incredibly cute and girly, as well as having unbelievably foul and frequent farts. Many my age would be embarrassed, but I embrace both. My quiet nature makes it seem like I'd be ashamed of farting, but I let go with no abandon, and completely stunk up the bus on the way to camp.

Additional Detail: I've already gotten a bit of a rep in the camp due to fumigating a bus full of other stinkers. Other characters could have been on the bus and able to verify it, or maybe you don't believe the stories and need a firsthand demonstration.
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