Laurence's Butt of Doom (M/F Facesitting, Farting)

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Laurence's Butt of Doom (M/F Facesitting, Farting)

Post by CommanderLazorus on Wed Jun 15, 2016 6:09 am

This is a story about male-on-female facesitting, farting and eventually scat. It concerns a large stallion and a human.
To skip the intro and get to the meat of it, go to first dotted line. To avoid scat, stop reading at second dotted line.

Chelsea was a confident, sassy, smart sixteen year old girl living Bridleway Commons, a peaceful, remote country village nestles away nicely between scenic hills and forests. She was a slim-figured, rosey-cheeked, almond-eyed, dainty-faced imp of a girl, mischievous and alluring, she was the very definition of a teen heartthrob and tended to punch well above her weight as far as age was concerned, fully aware that she could use her feminine charms to work her way around any of the boys and young men in the village. Her fate was, unfortunately, sealed however when one evening she decided to mess around with the wrong guy. She was not the only beautiful girl in the village, a 26 year old heiress lived near-by in a ranch that dominated the eastern landscape. She was Anastasia, and she tended to frequent the village for its pub the Jolly Mole where she would also hang around scoping out the best looking boys and men, and as it happens had set her eyes on someone just a few days previously whom she found particularly appealing. Anastasia was not, however, very experienced in dealing with other people even despite her stunning good looks and had yet to make an approach. She was, understandably, rather miffed when on her next visit she noticed Chelsea sniffing around the same guy, already quite comfortable on the bar stool beside him and chatting away merrily. Any woman would have been upset and annoyed by this, though few others would have immediately stormed back home fuming and plotting revenge...

"That whore!" Anastasia growled to herself as she made her way back along the winding country lanes that lead to her manor. "That stupid, greedy, thieving whore! Why him? Why him out of everyone she could have chosen?! I'll get her, oh yes...She's poisoned her last ear..Stolen her last guy!"

Skipping the towering entrance to her own manor, Ana stormed straight down to the imposing barn that stood almost completely adjacent, further testament to how she felt about her beloved stallion. Fighting back tears with a forced stern look, the curvy six-foot sadist creaked open Laurence's barn door and stepped inside tentatively, finally letting her emotions show just a little. Laurence poked his head out from behind some grain barrels and, noting the sad expression on Ana's face, immediately trotted out and over to her to see what was the matter. Ana moved towards him also and hugged into his neck, burying her face in his thick fur and squeezing tightly. The behemoth of an equine snorted and scuffed his hoof at the ground, stating his desire to be informed on the situation.

"Ssshhhh, it doesn't matter Scruffybutt, I'm fine. But I'll need you to help me with something soon, okay? Someone hurt me very very badly today and I need you to deal with them for me, okay?"

Laurence whinnied aggressively and stomped his hoof loudly, snorting deeply and shaking his head a few times before fixing Ana with a hard stare of determination and giving her a short, sharp nod of understanding. The dark haired dominatrix softened her expression and grinned at this, giggling appreciatively. She could always count on Laurence, he was the one person she knew would always be on her side, and always be ready to fight for her.

"Okay! Thank you sweetie, you're such a good boy! I'm gonna arrange things and bring her over in two days alright? And you're gonna eat your special grains, aren't you! Yes you are, and I'm gonna cook you lots and lots of delicious meals to make sure you're all stuffed up and ready to do your thing! I want you to take this one all the way, okay? Like I told you...She hurt me, and I don't want her to be able to do it again...So you're gonna make her wish she'd never been born! Oh yes you are! Haha! Oohhh, you're such a good boy!"

Anastasia cupped her hands beneath the stallion's chin and scritched him with her fingers before leaning in to peck him on his bristly muzzle and turning away with a spring in her step, prancing out of the barn and practically skipping back home. Two days passed, and true to her word Ana had made contact with Chelsea and invited her over for tea, rather easily in fact as it turned out the girl just loved her horses! Also true to her word, she had busied herself cooking all manner of bowel-disturbing foods best left to the imagination for Laurence to consume on top of his "special" grain, which was really just a particular brand that they had discovered from an early age disagreed with him quite severely.

They set the date for midday, arranging to have lunch in Anastasia's ivy-shrouded Victorian greenhouse. Ana had even instructed that Chelsea eat nothing during the day before coming, such a spread was she putting on. Chelsea arrived right on time, and Ana greeted her graciously and warmly outside her manor doors, smiling and socialising like genuine friend as she led her round the side of the house into her gardens, currently flowing with roses, tulips and all kinds of plants and flowers. Suggesting that they go and pay Laurence a visit before eating, Ana led the poor unsuspecting girl towards the barn, their arms locked while Ana laughed and pointed out the various attractive features of her gardens along the way.

"And here we are!" Anastasia beamed down ton the considerably shorter girl by her side. "Laurence is just the most beautiful horse you'll have ever seen in you're life! you'll love him, I just know it!"

"Wonderful, I can't wait to meet him!" Chelsea beamed the smile right back, bouncing on her toes a little while she waited for the heavy barn door to be opened. "Thanks so much for inviting me over again, your home really is beautiful! And I do love horses so much..."

Anastasia smirked and lifted out the heavy wooden beam that kept the twin doors together, propping it up on a nearby fence and turning back to the heavy doors, grabbing one of them in both hands and tugging against it, slowly dragging the tall, heavy thing back out of the way. The humid, raunchy odour of manure and old straw wafted out to greet them, startling Chelsea a little and causing her to wave a hand before her face in the most controlled, dignified way possible.

"Oops, sorry, should probably have warned you...This is a stable after all!"

"Oh no, it's fine, I understand, really!"

Chelsea smiled back to Ana again and took a few steps inside, entering the cool shadow of the barn while the older woman closed in behind her.

"Go on in dear, don;t be...SHY!"

Raising her leg up behind Chelsea, Ana boots the girl with all her strength right in the backside, shoving her right off her feet and sending her tumbling further into the barn. The girl shrieks, but Anastasia just shouts straight past her.

"Here she is, Laurence! Come get her! She's all yours!"

Chelsea groaned and rolled over on the ground, looking back to Ana with a confused and angry scowl.

"Argh, owwww, what the fuck was that?! What the hell is wrong with you?! Hey!"

Ana finally shirked her friendly act and glowered down at the girl venomously while she back-stepped behind the doors and started to drag it closed.

"You've stolen you're last man, bitch! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to get back what's mine!"

With a powerful lurch of her toned shoulders, the large woman tugged the heavy wooden door closed and stuffed her booted foot up against it just in case Chelsea tried to pull it back while she picked up the bar and crammed it down into the latches once more, locking Chelsea inside the barn, locking her inside with Laurence.

"Let me out you crazy bitch! You can't do this! What the hell are you even talking about! Open the door god damn it!"


But Ana had already left, beginning her journey back to the village pub where she had made secondary arrangements to meet with the guy that was about to cause poor Chelsea so much trouble. When her pounding proved futile, Chelsea turned her back to the door and slumped down it, sitting on the floor and pouting, so confused and angry about the whole situation she just did not know what to do. it was only when things had quietened down again that Laurence made himself known, the clumping of his heavy hooves on the dirty, straw-laden floor giving away his presence at first, until his purple-tinged head popped out from behind the same pile of barrels as before, his mouth working slowly as he finished off a last mouthful of grains. He stared blankly, looking as sweet and innocent as any other horse at first, albeit far, far larger than most. Seeing him actually perked Chelsea up a little, and she got to her feet once more and started to approach him slowly, careful not to startle him and scare him off. She was happy to see him actually clop out to meet her, head loping idly on that big heavy neck of his, his titanic bulk seeming almost comical as it clacked and clopped on such (comparatively) small hooves.

"Awww, well you are sweet aren't you! Still...I'd be happier to see you if that crazy woman hadn't locked me in here...I dunno what she thinks she'd playing at, when I find a way out of here I'll have her arrested for kidnapping or something."

As the young girl got right up beside Laurence she could not help wrinkling her nose, even going so far as to pull the collar of her shirt up over her nose in an effort to filter the air. it seemed that most of the barn's bad smell came from Laurence himself, though she frowned in confusion as she leant in to sniff him, finding that the soft, sleek fur of his neck and shoulders was as clean as any other.

"Huh, that's strange horsey, you are pretty stinky but you seem clean enough to me! Guess it must be something else then...Well, that's good anyways, at least she takes care of you!" She stroked her hands into his plush neck hair and stroked at the fascinating and unusual purple strands of his mane.

Laurence had his eyes dead set on her the whole time. Horses could not glare particularly well but if they could, he would have been leering daggers at the girl now standing by his side. he'd taken his time, scoped her out, and now he'd had just about enough of this insufferably nice little girl. Lunging out to the side suddenly like a wild animal reacting to a scare, the towering beast of a stallion bit towards Chelsea, gripping the rim of her jean shorts in his teeth and hoisting her up into the air before she even knew that had happened. A few moments later, once the shock had subsided, she began to flail and scream in his grasp, but his neck and head was of course far stronger than her entire body and he barely faltered as he carried the girl like a doll back deeper into the barn towards a conveniently positioned bale of hay. Dropping her roughly he dumps her down on the bale, bringing his great head back up for a moment before snapping it back down again, delivering the girl a short, sharp headbutt to the belly that caused her to become a little short of breath. having incapacitated the girl for the moment he clopped further around the bale and moved to stand by her feet. he turned himself around so that he pointed himself away from her, looking back in the direction of the barn doors, and without hesitation began to back himself up over her, his tall legs shuffling on either side of the bale.

Chelsea's body fell more and more under the shadow of the great beast's bulging belly, although once having recovered her eyes were drawn and very much fixed, to Laurence's immense ass as it shuffled back towards her. The great thing swayed from side to side gently, its thick, almost gelatinous meaty cheeks jiggled and wobbled overhead as the legs below shuffled into position. Either one of the colossal stallion's rump cheeks were larger than Chelsea's entire torso, and both of them looming over her was an intensely intimidating and terrifying sight that left her, even after the impact of the headbutt had subsided, quite frozen in place. Not only the most intimidating sight she'd ever seen, it was also the grossest. Now she was behind him, she knew immediately why he had smelled quite so much. Not smoothed and sleek like the rest of his coat, the fut on Laurence's bulging round ass was thick, busy and tufty, matted up in many places with single, stray bristly hairs dotted all over. it was clear not an inch of it had been brushed for a very long time, if not ever, instead having been left to fend for itself and become what it would naturally. Adding to the foul spectacle were numerous patches of dark discolouration, all manner of stains and smears from who knows what. Mud, dust, dung, likely all of that and more. Most disturbing of all was the dark discolouration running up the entirety of the stallion's enormous and deep buttcrack, similar to the sweat staining an overweight person might end up with on their sweat pants after exercising, only stained into his own fur.

Complementing the grotesque spectacle of a backside was a small crowd of flies, buzzing busily around the vicinity of the stallion's swampy asscrack, landing on his cheeks every now and then before a swish of that purple tail saw them off again. About to make an attempt to squirm out from under the filthy stallion and crawl away, Chelsea makes the mistake of sucking in a deep breath of air. She immediately regrets doing so, as while holding her breath in fear before she had been immune to the wafting odour of Laurence's looming ass, she now experienced her very first taste. The air was barely half way down to her lungs before she expelled it again violently, coughing harshly as the stomach-churning reek of festering sweat and fermented manure attacked her nostrils, prickling them sharply and setting her sinuses aflame, stinging them and causing her throat to tickle, dry out and burn. Chelsea turned her head away and wheezed, attempting to get away from the cloying stench of that monstrous equine booty before she took her next breath. Of course, she could not and was soon forced to inhale another hearty sniff of that rotten butt-stank.

Laurence split his floppy horse lips into a deep, big-toothed grin as he peered back over his shoulder at the girl laying between his legs, choking and making such a fuss before he'd even touched her. The sights and sounds of her struggling under his harsh aroma gave him a cruel buzz already, and got him pleasantly amped up as he prepared to sit right down on her. He stomps and scrapes his front hoof into the ground over and over, working himself up while he snorts and pants, flashing his teeth and shaking his head. he sways and waggles his hips as he does this, making his thick, beefy behemoth of a booty shake and jiggle overhead threateningly, lifting it up and down by bending and straightening his back legs, scooching it down towards her face for a moment before snatching it up high again. he lifts his head up high and screeches and equine chuckle to the barn ceiling, neighing deafeningly while he teases the poor little girl with his ass, almost drooling while his lips part in a deep sneering grin. Again and again he shakes his hips, wobbling that fat juicy ass around as he drops it down towards the panicking, screaming girl who flails and whines beneath him, holding it closely overhead before lifting it back up again and shaking it some more, working himself practically into a frenzy while terrorizing the poor thing. All this wiggling, jiggling and shaking causes his cheeks to clap and smack noisily against one another, and soon the deep, dank pit of his asscrack is releasing its tightly confined odours out into the room, stirring and wafting up a storm of foetid ass stench. Chelsea flails around for all she's worth beneath that teasing horse ass, gagging and coughing as the rank fumes of unkempt, neglected feral horse-ass waft all over her. Her eyes water down her cheeks while she flaps her arms around in vein, patting her palms up against the raging stallion's hind flanks whenever they drop too close, feeling utterly disgusted by the coarse, bristly, matted, dusty texture that her hands and fingers brush against and stink into. With whatever short breaths she manages to keep down, she tries her best to shout for help, and even as stupid as it sounds, beg the horse to stop.

"Urrgghhhh....Nnnggggg...Heeeelp! Somebody...Argh..Pleeeaaaaase! Please..Stop! Get your ass...Urgh! Get it away from me pleeaaaassseee! I can't...The smell! God god no, please stop! I can't take it I...Uurrrggghhhhh! Smells....So bad....Can't..Argh, the stink! It's...Killing meeee!"

While not able to talk himself, Laurence had learned to understand human thanks to Anastasia a long time ago, and if there was one thing he loved it was to hear his victims begging and pleading with him. Chelsea doing just that pushed pretty much every button he had, and sent him into pure ecstasy. He snorted and whinnied loudly in response, and with a final push he reared up onto his hind legs over the girl, standing shockingly tall for just a few moments before his back legs buckled beneath him and he sat down, ass aimed right for Chelsea's face. The poor little beauty queen wails in absolute terror and raises her arms up defensively, screaming as the ugly sight of that mammoth ass descends, growing larger and larger as it rushes down towards her. Her arms are brushed aside like leaves in the wind, crumpling down beneath the stallion's bulk until her left is forced right back behind her, flapping out uselessly behind her head, barely able to slap weakly into the tufty round cheeks that bulges out over it while her other it pressed down by her side, only the tips of her fingers showing from over the edge of the bale, scrunching and groping at the squishy jelly-ish flesh of Laurence's right cheek. The stallion's ass plops down weightily on top of the girl, her face mashed squarely beneath his positively fuming buttcrack which peels open slightly with a revolting series of sticking, damp noises, welcoming Chelsea's face up inside it some way until those mammoth cheeks come to settle upon the hay bale around the sides of her head, engulfing it between them tightly.

Chelsea released a pitiful, mewling cry of utter revulsion as her face disappeared beneath that grotesque mess of a horse booty, though Laurence was only just beginning to settle his weight down upon her and that cry soon became a high-pitched, yet thoroughly muffled out, scream while she kicked her legs and beat her feet against the bale. That bale itself creaked and crunched as Laurence's ass settled down and down and down, causing it to crumple in on itself some way and bulge out at the sides, holding together only by the lengths of twine encompassing it. The cruel stallion gleefully sends Chelsea into a crushing black oblivion of ass-meat and hay, clearly able to feel how much her breasts and chest squash and compress down beneath him as he settles, her head being harder to read due to its natural rigidity, but from the noises she made beneath him it was a safe bet he was crushing her half to death. She wheezed and groaned, making deep guttural noises as though she was about to throw up, gurgling under the strain of his weight as it mashed her down, causing her bones to creak and her organs to squelch. Her face felt as though it had caught on fire, burning and stinging as it smushed down flat against her own skull, which in turn throbbed and ached like a migraine under the strain of that weight. Every inch of her torso pulsed in agony, muscles, bones and organs squashed down dangerously flat under that intense weight, the squashing, cushioning form of the bale beneath her likely the only reason she did not crunch flat and die right now. Chelsea found herself locked in a hellish paradox, as under any normal circumstances she would consider Laurence weight to be insufferable and unendurable, however here she had no choice but to suffer it, but nothing else to do but endure it all the same.

Laurence relished the straining, guttural noises she made while he crushed her. He was quite aware that she couldn't breathe under there but that did not stop him from enjoying it for a good while. With a deafening, triumphant whinny that echoed all around the barn, he rose up on his back legs once more, hauling his vast hind quarters up and away from the girl, giving her a release for just a moment before dropping himself back down a moment later even harder than before. As his titanic bum falls through the air towards the poor girl again, she emits a desperate, shrill scream of utter desperation before being silence once more under that colossal ass, which bounces weightily on top of the bale, crunching it down even further than last time and near obliterating Chelsea's poor torso and face under his murderous butt-slam. This time he only sits for a few seconds before leaning himself forwards, resting his front hooves on the hay bale and supporting his front half some, relieving some of the pressure on the girl. Not much, not enough to release her from the pain of his crushing weight bearing down upon her, but just enough to allow her to breathe once more.

As much as Laurence had enjoyed the little girl's flattened gasping, the noises she had made had nothing on the ones she was about to. Having been squashed and breathless for so long, Chelsea's lungs were burning for air and as much as she wanted to fight it, as much as she dreaded it, she could not fight her urge to breathe forever and eventually gave out, taking a long, deep sniff of Laurence's foetid ass. The stench hit her like a hammer blow, gushing into her flaring nostrils with the burning intensity of sniffing a blast of aerosol spray. After an entire lifetime of neglecting his ass and leaving his sweaty musk to grow and grow, the harsh, tangy feral B.O of the stallion was thoroughly stomach-churning. Even worse, was the way dung was forced to squeeze through his bulging ass cheeks on its way out, leading to a severe build-up of streaks and smears deeper within the soggy depths of that deep asscrack, those too left unchecked to fester and ferment, meaning that to anyone pressed up against that crack, as poor Chelsea very much was, would be privy to a stench like a burst sewer main on a hot day. Sniffing it all in, Chelsea's eyes turned bloodshot almost immediately and tears welled up around the edges of her eyes, her nostril hairs practically singed away just on the beast's raw natural stench and the insides of her delicate nose and sinuses prickled and stang while the bitter stink flooded through them, gushing down her throat and making the insides burn as it filled her lungs, feeling hot, thick and stuffy. breathing out the girl exploded into a muffled-out choking fit, coughing and hacking her disgust into the beast's jiggling bum, each subsequent inhalation sending her wheezing even more frantically as she inhaled his filthy reek more and more rapidly. What she had smelled before was nothing compared to huffing it straight from the source, and her little legs beat the bale in utter panic while her legs flailed, the only remaining part of her body that she could actually move at all. While the fuming odour of the monstrous stallion's rank swampy ass left her all but breathless and wheezing, any time her lungs filled with enough air she would strain her crushed little chest and scream into that dominating butt through her mushed up lips, shrieking and wailing her utter revulsion and torment up into Laurence's smothering cheeks, acting merely to liven up the barn with amusing noises and tickle the equine beast pleasantly with a series of rumbling vibrations.

Laurence meanwhile snorted and huffed, his mouth open wide in a deep grin while his tongue flopped limply from one side of his mouth. The screaming little girl laying squashed and smothered beneath, and partially inside, his mountain of an ass felt absolutely divine. He of course could not quite out the feeling to words but it made his rump physically tingle all over like pins and needles, and he got little chills up his spine every time the poor thing choked or gagged into him. For some reason feeling someone suffering beneath his ass was the sweetest sensation the thuggish brute ever enjoyed. As his scruffy ass cheeks smothered over the girl's face she could barely contain herself, hacking and wheezing and gagging into that engulfing mass of hairy, sticky, bristly flesh, which radiated a stifling heat down upon her. Her eyes streamed tears down the sides of her head as the fumes of sweat and dung tickled them. Her breath would catch in her throat half way down as her body tried to reject the foulness of the very air it needed to live, and she found herself desperate for a drink as her mouth and throat dried out and burned under the musk. She would have been best keeping quiet, but just could not help but shriek and whine through squashed-shut lips into his ass, hoping against hope every second that someone would come in and rescue her, or perhaps even that the feral beast would develop some kind of sense of empathy for her and release her from her torment, anything to stop her from having to continue sniffing his rancid ass. All of this noise and fuss only served to invigorate the monstrous stallion, who had learned long ago that the more his victim complained, the better he was doing his job. He was practically drooling at the mouth by this point and came to the idea of rolling himself backwards and forwards on the poor thing, and so began throwing his weight forwards and backwards, leaning back up onto her with his fullweight like he had been earlier, only to lean back forwards again and allow her to take a breath just before he would roll back and squeeze it out of her again. His motions quickly drew out a wailing, squeaking crescendo from Chelsea she was steamrolled over and over again by his thick round booty cheeks, squashing her up and down like a tube of toothpaste as they rolled back, crunching down her chest and cramming her head deep into the bale, then rolling forwards and allowing her to take another torturous sniff from between those putrid cheeks before they rolled back fully once more. Once the stallion started it was easy to keep his momentum going, and Laurence entertained himself with this for several long minutes, basking in the noises she made as he flattened her and the interestingly enjoyable sensation of her little squelchy body mashing and flattening beneath him. Those few minutes eventually became a gruelling, solid ten, at which point the mighty equine finally began to feel the exhaustion of his movements dawning in his hips and tires of the exercise. Settling down with his front legs supporting his body once more, he leaves Chelsea to gap and whine, squirming beneath him in pain, her body battered, bruised and achy all over. She'd be bruised for weeks, and lucky if nothing was fractured. Somehow, all the physical anguish still came second place to the mind-numbing reek of Laurence's infamous weapon of an ass.

Still, all of this had perhaps accosted the pair half an hour, and only twenty of that would have been under his ass. At this point, it was possible Anastasia had just made it to the pub, but was likely still on her way there. Chelsea had already suffered so much, and it was such an insignificant amount of time. Her ordeal with Laurence was still very much only beginning. Giving a slight wiggle to either side, Laurence got himself comfortable and settled in for the long-haul. He say upon poor Chelsea, unmoving, for the next half hour. Ten minutes in the girl's squirming and screaming had subsided, her movements growing still and jerky as she broke down into tears and sobbed into his monstrous ass, the buzzing of the flies about her head and the occasional swishing of his tail the only noises to break the silence. Laurence felt nothing as she cried into his ass, in fact he took a cruel satisfaction in it, his broad chest swelling with pride as he sat upon her resolutely, thinking upon the service he was doing for Ana. The half hour of smothering silence was finally broken by a deep, burbling rumble inside Laurence's huge round belly. At first it seemed a one-off, but a few moments later it happened again, and then again as the stallion's insides really began churning. he padded his front hooves on the hay bale a little, snorting and snuffing and grinning his feral grin as he felt his guts bubble and squelch, all that grain and food he'd been eating finally hitting his bowels and coming into effect. As the rumbles and gurgles vibrated down onto her Chelsea began to grow a very unpleasant feeling indeed, she was suffering enough as it was an the absolute last thing she needed now was for Laurence to have a bout of flatulence but from the growing sounds it seemed more likely every minute. She whimpered into his ass quietly, her sobbing increasing while all kinds of horrible thoughts raced through her mind.

Chelsea's worst fears were realised with one final churn of those sloshing bowels, as Laurence let out a hearty five second fart right on top of her. The powerful blast rippled through his fat cheeks terribly noisily, turning grotesquely wet and splattery as it passed through his greasy, sweaty crack and down towards Chelsea's face. Gushing over her in a thick, humid torrent it flooded the poor thing's nose and mouth and rippled through her hair forcefully, making sure she got a good sniff, and gulp of it. The scent of the fart had not even reached Laurence's own nose by the time he heard a muffled scream arise from underneath his cheeks, shockingly high-pitched and rather blood-curdling. It soon wheezed away and turned into a harsh coughing fit, Chelsea hacking and choking back there as if she'd just inhaled smoke from a bonfire. A few moments later the steamy mist of the fart had reached the stallion's nose and he knew why the girl had reacted so violently; it was absolutely rotten. That disagreeable grain had done its job and then some, as had the trough of chilli and barrel of meatballs Anastasia had prepared for him beforehand. Genuinely smelling as though something had crawled up his ass and died, Laurence has just doused the immediate area with a nauseatingly rancid stench of bad manure, acrid sulphur and a hint of something particularly harsh along the lines of hot tar or burned rubber. He swished his tail about, not to get rid of the odour but in triumphant glee, and whinnied loudly. The fact that the sweet little girl beneath him seemed to be in the middle of choking to death did not bother Laurence one little bit and he farted again almost immediately, trumpeting out a deafeningly loud ten second blast of that same meaty sulphuric reek. His mountainous ass cheeks jiggled and rippled with each blast that came bubbling out of them, slapping and splattering moistly against Chelsea's pretty, squashed little face, her once pale, dainty features now laden down with sticky horse ass-sweat and stained a filthy brown from the dust, mud and dried shit rubbing off from inside and around Laurence's cavernous crack. With the second blast the stallion's victim's choking intensified and her body bucked and writhed beneath him, juddering violently as he chest huffs and bulges under her hacking, wheezing cough. Tears streamed down her face while she basked in his unprecedented stench and between coughs she would whine and scream into his smothering butt-meat, to which the merciless equine responded with another bassy trumpet. It seemed about as bad as it could possibly get for poor little Chelsea, so it would later come as a great horror to her to realize that this was merely Laurence's lethal ass warming up.

The great stallion sat on Chelsea undisturbed for a further twenty minutes, subjecting her to an utterly merciless barrage of similar farts. Those great scruffy-furred boulders would jiggle every two or three minutes, rumbling over the trapped girl's face and trumpeting noisily, thick bassy torrents of that hot, dry flatulence flooding out over her without remorse. His ass had turned into a virtual fart-sauna, the boiling heat of his near constant flatulence becoming largely contained between the cavern of his cheeks and the hay bale sealing them off below and creating a ghastly dutch-oven effect for the poor girl to suffer inside; the same rising heat causing both her and that monstrous ass to sweat profusely to the point that Chelsea's skin, clothes and hair were saturated through with reeking ass sweat. She was barely managing down there, her choking having subsided into gagging while she almost baked alive in stuffy horse flatulence, and she now knew why Anastasia had insisted that she come on an empty stomach; for she would normally have thrown up by now. Instead her chest puffed and huffed as she merely dry-heaved into the stinking mass of flesh squashing down over her, retching into a mouthful of bristly ass meat, which in turn polluted her delicate mouth with a thoroughly grotesque bitter taste that was gag-worthy in itself. The barn was now successfully and entirely fumigated with the raunchy, earthy stench of fresh dung, no0stril-singing sulphur and that bitter rubberish tang. Anyone opening the door and walking inside now would very likely be knocked off their feet by the odour that rushed out to meet them, and the unfortunate young girl was helplessly laying at the very epicentre of it all. Despite all this, Laurence's bowels were beginning to growl and churn even more violently, so much so that he was even starting to feel a little uncomfortable, the level of internal bloating becoming almost painful. Considering this it came to him very much as a relief when after a further ten minutes of subjecting Chelsea to his powerful, rumbling blasts, changed things up a little.

The next time he farted rather than blaring out like a trombone it instead made almost no noise at all, hissing in fact as it gushed out from his flaring hole, feeling super-heated and actually causing him to flinch in surprise some as it burned the rim of his anus and left it stinging slightly. it took a short while to leak through Laurence's bulbous cheeks but when it finally hit Chelsea it hit her hard, and a broad grin crossed the beast's face as his seat emitted a high-pitched squeal and began to kick her legs and feet on the bale before him, squealing again and almost sounding like a pig as her apparent desperation grew. The upset-stomached equine version of a human SBD swamped Chelsea's face in a searing hot wave of putrid gas that put the earlier farts almost to shame. The meaty bulk of the fart had dropped, while the sulphur intensified staggeringly and mixed with a new scent of horribly bad eggs while the foetid stench of fresh shit replaced the rubbery tang of the previous to create a new special concoction of hellish aroma. The fart actively stang her bloodshot little eyes, and set her nostrils on fire like never before, her sinuses flaring up as it felt like her nose would melt right off her face. She started to cough but the thick, cloying, heavy gas stifled her, practically smothering her in its own right, forcing her down into gurgling and retching throatily, her body convulsing involuntarily while her legs and feet replaced their flailing with rigid juddering and vibrating. Laurence's deadly flatulence had finally crossed the threshold of Chelsea's mental tolerance, making things now simply a case of her body coping and continuing to survive simply because it was impossible to be killed by odour alone. Entirely uncaring and thoroughly chuffed with the unimaginable suffering he was putting the girl through, Laurence just swayed himself from side to side gently, rocking his weight side to side on to the girl as he enjoyed the way her sweat-slick face squelched and squished inside his swampy crack and appreciating the steadily expanding patch of heat spreading out from all around Chelsea's face. That was one of the best things about this kind of fart, how slowly they moved. Even now, Chelsea was still suffering under the full fury of the original blast as it lingered around in that tight cavern, creeping out beneath the equine's cheeks but still not having even made it out from beneath his ass yet. Similarly entertaining and torturous was how it seemed to leak and hiss steadily from between his cheeks and into the girl's face, seeping out to her slowly to provide a constant feed of rotten flatulence. At this point, perhaps an hour had passed. And it was, sadly, exactly this kind of torture that Chelsea would have to endure for the rest of the entire afternoon. Laurence was here alone at least until early night, most likely late, and had absolutely nothing else to do for the following seven or eight hours but sit on Chelsea and gas her out. Even though he was already perfectly comfortable, Laurence gave him great bum a little shifting as he re-settled himself for the long-haul, and proceeded to let another hissing torrent of burning hot, sickly gas leak down into Chelsea's face.

Chelsea was completely and utterly beside herself with grief now, an emotional wreck of a girl, sweaty and squashed, beneath an enormous, immovable, and unutterably rank horse ass. She gagged and squealed helplessly, in absolute hell and quite frankly wishing she was dead while the beastly stallion remorselessly fed her more and more farts. in fact, his ass leaked like a broken gas valve, almost constantly emitting a vile hissing noise while those mind-rotting, gut-wrenching upset-stomach farts trickled from his burning pucker and providing a constant feed of the odour for even when his ass ceased its hissing, the slow moving gas continued to seep through his cheeks and down onto her face. The inhumane and intolerable reek of those sickly farts had long in fact replaced, and become the scent of Laurence's ass as a whole, there was no longer any difference between normality and farts as she was trapped in one giant, endless trickling stream of gas. Laurence had mercilessly forced Chelsea to endure this for the past three hours now and had no intentions of stopping. He was having the time of his life up there, doing exactly what he was born and trained to do, destroying some poor soul under his ass. It was only by choice of his own body that this treatment ended when it did, as for the past ten minutes or so his bowels had been growing increasingly uncomfortable, bloating painfully internally and beginning to really bother him. Suddenly and without warning, his previously relaxed anus exploded into life, flaring open wide once more as a seemingly super-charged torrent of gas raged out aggressively. The stream barged its way through his plump cheeks and rushed into Chelsea's face before gushing over the sides of her face and billowing out around her, rustling her hair and flapping Laurence's cheeks noisily as it escaped. it was hotter than any of the others and actively scorched his asshole painfully as it rumbled through, and Laurence almost felt as if he was deflating as the sickly, thoroughly rancid fart rumbled out and out and out, dousing Chelsea in an intense faecal stench that forced its way into her nose and even mouth to fill her insides and make her feel as though she was drowning in liquid shit. She merely gagged and choked in response her body spasming and convulsing while her legs juddered and shivered again.


After a hellishly long twenty second solid blast the fart was interrupted by a shockingly horrid wet splattering noise as greenish-brown sludge began to accompany the fart out of Laurence's rotten bum and he doused the poor girl's face in real liquid shit. It splattered into her like a sloppy mush and gushed over her features, squirting out from beneath the tight confines of Laurence's crack after filling up that crevice and oozing down the back of the bale, soaking into Chelsea's once beautiful ginger hair and dripping down around the sides of the hay. That high-pitched squeal of girlish anguish rose up once more while at the same time Laurence shrieked his pleasure to the roof of the barn, shaking his great mane about and flicking his tail. The torrent of unsolidified shit heralded the beginning of the closing act, and he was all too eager to get started. Ignoring the girl's squealing and kicking, he began to throw his weight forwards and backwards as if wiping his ass with her, which of course he in effect was, but the point of it was to wedge her face deep enough into his ass that his butthole could reach her. In and in she sank, deeper and deeper until her entire head was submerged and devoured within the confines of that murky, swampy pit of fur and flesh. By itching the length of his shit-smeared, festering crack with her dainty, pretty little face the stallion lined up his anus and crammed himself down hard, smothering her face into the puffy black doughnut, crusted over by years of uncleaned shit. While it was large enough to cover her entire face, he settled it over the lower half of her face, sucking at her chin with it before leaning back into her and levering his weight down, forcing her chin down and cranking her jaw open wide to create a hole which one side of his anus sealed itself across tightly while the other kissed down over her chin. The torrent of shit before had only been halted by a fat glob of regular horse shit bunging up against his anus and plugging it, meaning that his bowels were all lined up and ready to let lose as soon as he was ready, meaning Chelsea had no time to wait before Laurence was able to busy himself shitting into her mouth. Of course the spongy equine turd-balls of compacted sludge were far too large to fit entirely into the girl's gaping mouth and once the first bit of it began to poke out and mush itself over her chin, it split itself in half, with one half cramming down into Chelsea's gagging, choking mouth while the other slipped down the underside of her jaw to fall beside her neck and shoulders. Her mouth already full from the first blob, as the second chunk began to force its way inside it pushed the first mouthful deeper and deeper in beneath it until it was bulging into her waiting throat and causing the girl to retch and gag. The taste of any normal horse's shit would be torture enough for anyone, but Laurence was no normal horse and the stomach-upsetting grain, chilli and meatball diet of the last two days made his shit something truly special and it flooded the poor girl's mouth with such a rancid taste as it squelched over her tongue and teeth that she physically shivered and withered beneath it, her tongue shrivelling up from the muck as it forced its way through and into her throat. She cried and squealed and sobbed and kicked but the stallion would not stop, and soon her body was forcing her to swallow his hot, steamy dung simply to avoid choking on it. The greasy sludgy globs slipped and mushed down her throat and into her stomach constantly as the momentum behind the dump built, and of course for everything that went into her mouth the same squashed down the underside of her jaw and pooled around her neck and shoulders to encase her in the gross substance. Whinnying and snorting up above, Laurence mercilessly shat into the girl's mouth slowly and steadily for almost a minute of some of the rankest most degrading torture imaginable until he actually began to see Chelsea's own belly distancing and bulging as it filled up to the brim with his thick fuming muck.

With no small measure of discomfort to himself, the tank of a stallion clenched his anus and halted the flow of manure, feeling it bulge up inside him and then slow to a stop. With a grotesque cacophony of sticking, suction-cupped sweat, mashed-in faeces and plastered skin the mammoth stallion stands up and slowly peels his foetid ass away from the squashed, filthied and utterly unrecognisable crumpled form of the girl for the first time in over five hours. by this point, the poor thing was too broken-down to even enjoy the sensation of cool, fresh-ish air rushing back to her, nor enjoy the freedom from Laurence's oppressive weight. He rounded on her and observed the gruesome spectacle for a moment, huffing and frowning, nodding his head seriously and matter-of-factly as though observing a job well done, genuinely believing the girl deserved this torture and feeling proud of his results. A moment later he ducked his head down again and nipped at her jean shorts again, this time the front rim, and hauled her up into the air again. The exposure to the air had allowed Chelsea to recuperate some, and while dangling in mid air she started to come back to her senses. Laurence was headed deeper still into the barn, to the very back corner where, upon rounding a corner hidden by a wall of wood planks, he came to his dung heap. His own toiletry area, this rear corner of the barn played host to a fuming, buzzing mountain of dung some eight or nine feet tall and the size of a minivan, surely amounting to several tons. The stench surrounding the thing was unearthly, the whole mound shimmered with a drifting murky haze of steamy heat, escaping methane, flies, and almost visible rotten odour. Even Anastasia avoided this area most of the time, and on the occasions she did pay it a visit (normally for incredibly sinister, torture-porn-ish reasons) she wore a gas mask to keep herself safe from the crippling odour. Laurence himself however was quite unbothered with it. Dangling in the air like she was Chelsea had a bumpy, upside-down view of it and could not quite make out exactly what it was, though as she neared it in his grasp she began inhaling a positively lung-rotting stench worse than anything she'd encountered before, and that was saying a lot. Clamping her hands over her mouth she kicked her legs frantically and screamed for help with a cracked, wheezy voice, but there was no-one around to help her, and there never would be. Laurence trotted right up to the mountain of shit and dumped Chelsea down about half way up the front side. She sank into it with an earthy squelch, her weight carrying her some way inside it to leave her laying in a slanted position against one low sloping side. Laurence poked her in deeper with his muzzle and then pulled away, turning himself around and presenting his ass towards her one more time. Chelsea squirmed and wheezed against the surface of the clay-like mound, wheezing, rasping and choking and barely able to make any sound with the buzzing fumes of the heap polluting her lungs and snatching her breath away. Laurence let her squirm and gasp, paying her no more attention as he loomed over her with his ass once more and raised his tail. Like a garbage truck tipping back and emptying its load, Laurence's great black pucker gaped open once more and a thick grapefruit sized blob of horse poop forced its way out. Chelsea could only scream open-mouthed in raspy silence as the sloppy stream of doughy shit started up once more, the globs raining down towards her weightily, smacking and splatting over and around her with heft thumps and plops. The dollops thwumped and plopped down right on Chelsea's chest at first, each one feeling like she's just been pelted by a water balloon so hefty were they, soon having piled up on her chest to much that she could barely move, and soon the flow had shifted and begun covering over her belly and abdomen so that her legs seemed to be sticking right out of the mound. She gasped and wheezed the whole time, gagging and retching up into her mouth, squirming around the best her arms and legs would let her now that her torso rested buried beneath a weighty layer of fresh, hot steamy manure. Unfortunately Chelsea did not have the luxury of simply inhaling the fumes of the fresh dung for long as with his ass shifting overhead a little more, Laurence began to rain his muck down on her face. One blob smacked her right over the nose, plastering itself over her face and clogging up her mouth. She'd barely recovered from the impact before another landed, and another, and another, swiftly burying her head from view beneath a fresh pile. With her head encased and buried by, and her nose beneath a moist, hot, fuming pile of fresh horse shit the stench at this point would be virtually killing her. She sniffled and sniffed at the underside of the dung heap, sucking air through a thick filter of sickly shit and shuddering beneath the rotten scent, beyond choking and retching at this point, she merely convulsed and groaned, gagging gently each time she sucked the ragged stink down into her lungs, utterly consumed and overwhelmed by Laurence's filth.

Laurence eventually ceased his gargantuan bowel movement some two or three minutes later, having buried the entire girl from view save for her legs and lower arms. He looked back over his shoulder and observed that fresh steaming mound, the girl's arms and legs sticking out the bottom and sides, almost mimicking the arms and legs of a plushly cushioned chair...And that was exactly how Laurence now regarded her. It looked incredibly welcoming, in fact. A throne fit for a king. As such, the stallion kept his tail raised safely out of the way and dropped himself backwards, plopping his full weight right down onto the mound, which flattened down beneath him, in turn flattening down over the girl beneath, and in turn plastering her further down into the original mound. His ass sank deep into the mound, pushing Chelsea down until she lay horizontally in a newly formed ledge, the dung below squashing down as compressed as it would go until it compacted solid, the dung on top of her doing the same so that it encased the girl's weakened form entirely, leaving trapped entirely inside a compressed block of fermenting horse shit, only her lower arms and legs sticking out from beneath to indicate that she was there at all. Waggling his hips a little, Laurence grinds himself in and gets himself good and comfortable, now sitting once more with his full weight utterly heedless of how much he may be squashing the girl buried below. he could tell from the light leaking in through the gaps in the barn planks that light was growing dim, signifying it was evening time now. he knew that Anastasia would not be back until well into the night, and he once again settled himself in for the long-haul, knowing there would be several hours to go before any chance of her returning. He did not mind that one bit, not with his new seat. Chelsea was his throne now, and she would serve him as such for as long as she survived, be it hours, days, or weeks. One thing was for sure, however: She was never leaving this barn again. And so, letting out a deeply muffled fart into his squelchy cushion of shit, he smiled idly at the white-knuckled, clenched fists of the still suffering, utterly degraded girl, he closed his eyes and attempted to get some sleep in the hopes of making the night pass faster. He knew Anastasia would be so happy with him, he wondered what treats he would get as reward for this....


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