Fairies Wear Boots (F/F Extreme Foot Stink)

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Fairies Wear Boots (F/F Extreme Foot Stink) Empty Fairies Wear Boots (F/F Extreme Foot Stink)

Post by CommanderLazorus on Wed Jun 15, 2016 6:42 am

Story about a punk fairy chick using her terribly smelly feet to punish another rude girl.
Begins with boot trampling, so skip to dotted line to get to the stink if you're not into that.

It was a searing hot day in California, and a young girl dressed in heavy denim and leather was just making her way off a far-stretching road over to a gas station to pick up a few things to eat and drink and replenish her supplies. She was not just any normal girl however, she was Sadie, and she was a fairy. Sadie the Sadistic Fairy, and while she looked like a cute punk chick in her early twenties, she was of course many hundreds of years old. Sadie had embarked on a long road trip in order to follow a favourite band on tour, and for the past several weeks had been backpacking her way across the state following them from gig to gig. It was of course a ludicrously long and demanding task for any normal person, but as a fairy Sadie enjoyed supernatural stamina and as such walking a thousand miles barely phased her. Sadie wore large black combat boots, ragged bottomed jeans which showed off her red and green stripy tall socks, and a black Genitorturers tank top inside a heavy black leather jacket lined with studs. She also wore studded wrist bands, and sported hooped lip, nose and eyebrow piercings, and her hair was blond, short, longest at the front with her fringe reaching the sides of her chin, growing steadily short as it went back until it cut close to the back of her neck in a very tomboy-ish fashion. Her face itself was very pretty, and entirely mischievous looking; with teasingly impish eyes, brows and lips and a petite little nose.

Sadie wiped the sweat from her forehead as she clomped over to the store door, the entire place looking old and dilapidated like something out of a slasher movie. The imagery pleased her, but apparently not everyone held the same appreciation as she did. before she could even tug the door open, it flew open in her face and smacked against out out-reached hand painfully; an attractive young woman bustling out furiously while shouting back inside at the till attendee. A college girl, clearly. Sadie supposed she must be the owner of the hideous sports car over by the gas pumps. "Watch it, bitch!" Sadie cursed after her, glaring at the girl while rubbing her hand.

The teen girl rounded on her furiously, clearly still fuming from whatever altercation she had had with the clerk inside. "Ohhhhh I'm sorry, did I hurt your hand? Maybe you should get out of the fucking way next time! Go do us a favour and kill yourself, fucking emo loser reject!"

"I 'ain't no emo you stupid bimbo! And what's with the attitude? I should kick your slutty little ass!" Sadie takes her hand off the door and moves a few steps closer, licking her dry lips and just hoping the girl will make her angry enough to make her do something she'll regret.

"No? Well what's with the attention seeking clothes and suck-ass band shirt? Huh? Oh I'm sorry, no, look at those stupid fake ears and butch hair cut! You must be one of them lesbo fur fags huh?!" The girl stood defiantly with her head cocked and one hand on an overly-pronounced hip, her other hand waving an annoying finger in the air as she spoke.

Sadie's mouth dropped open in disbelief, and she looked away stunned for a moment before snapping her furiously blazing little eyes back on her soon-to-be victim. "Oh! Oh...Wow. Attention seeking, butch hair cut, lesbo for fag I could deal with but suck-ass band? Suck-ass band? Urgh, you're so screwed you don't even know! You know why I have these ears? Because I'm a god damn fairy!" She could see the surprise and contempt all over the teen bitch's face, but she didn't care one bit. "That's right, a fairy! And you know what? I'm gonna use my powers to make you wish you'd never been born!"

"Jesus, you're one crazy bitch! You just stay the hell away from me! I swear I'll mace you!" Louise back-stepped towards her car while reaching into her handbag, keeping her eyes firmly fixed on the leering punk girl who, heedless of the warning, was stepping towards her, heavy, well worn boots stomping up the dusty ground. Trying to search for her car keys and can of mace at the same time didn't go so well for her, and soon enough Louise found herself backed up against her own car with neither in hand. She shrieked for help, but it was hardly as though the store clerk was going to come out and help her. She was silenced to a moan moments later anyway as Sadie's hand clasped firmly over her mouth. She raised the other and put a finger to her lips, smirking evilly as she shushed the girl before turning the same finger towards her forehead and poking it there softly. Sadie's mischievous eyes twinkled brightly and a tingling sensation flooded throughout Louis' body, dropping her to her knees as her entire body was gripped in the numbing grasp of pins and needles. She squeaked and looked up fearfully, but found nothing on Sadie's face but an amused pout, watching smugly as the teenage girl shrank smaller and smaller right before her feet. Sadie cocked her head as she watched her, considering when to stop her. There were so many lovely sizes, but she had to wonder what was practical for her current situation. Only once Louise ad reached the size of about six inches did Sadie finally stop her. Shuffling a booted foot slightly Sadie brushed away the girl's old clothes, uncovering the little thing shivering with terror underneath them.

"Oh dear, where did that awful girl go? She was just here...Hmm, guess I'd better have a look, something might have happened to her!" Sadie grinned cruelly and raised a leg, pretending not to notice Louise as she lifted her foot right over her. The shrunken girl squealed in terror as she was cast into shadow beneath the immense, broad wall of worn-flat black rubber, waiving her hands and shouting up to Sadie as loudly as she could. Sadie heard every bit of it, and glanced around briefly, biting her lip with and smirking before stomping her boot down, silencing the frantic girl beneath relative tons of unforgiving rubber. Dust puffed out from beneath her sole as her foot thwumped down, turning the screams into a muffled whine of agony as she buried Louise from sight. She continued stepping, rocking all of her weight forwards as she walked right over the girl, her immense boot grinding into the dry earth with a fleshy crunch as the girl's tiny, feeble body crumpled beneath her titanic tread. Stepping off the other side, Sadie turned around again and let out another "Hmmmm, damn! I just can't see that girl anywhere...Huh, what about over there?" Louise lay groaning at the bottom of that immense dusty boot print, her bruised body twitching as squashed muscles redistributed their former mass, bones repaired cracks and joints popped back together. As she rolled over onto her front in an effort to crawl away, her scream was even more pitiful than the last time as that shadow loomed over her once more, for this time she knew exactly just how much it would hurt. Scream as she might, Sadie's boot crushed down once again moments later, this time driving Louis's face down into the earth rather than grinding it raw against the gritty boot sole, and her mouth filled with dirt as she was involuntarily forced to bite it. It felt as though she might vomit up her own insides as the weight mounted, sending throbbing agony coursing through her flattened body while her scream turned into a gurgling, rasping wheeze as all the air became squeezed from her lungs. She could barely understand the pain she was feeling in every fibre of her body as she crunched beneath that cruel fairy's tread, at once both suffocating under pressure and burning in fire as her skin turned red under the pressure. Her insides squelched flat even as the bones surrounding them caved in, creaked ad fractured. Then, as suddenly as it had begun, Sadie stepped off and it ended, leaving her to gasp in a deep lungful or air and cough out the dirt in her mouth as, inexplicably, her body once again repaired what should have been completely and utterly fatal wounds, until all she had to show for the crushing was some bruised skin. She rolled over again, sobbing and blinking up to Sadie through teary eyes, hoping more than anything else in the world that she wouldn't step on her again.

Sadie finally looked down and acknowledged the shrunken girl, putting on a big fake look of surprise and gasping, clapping her hands to her face mockingly and crouching a little. "Ooohhhhhh, there you are! Well! Now that I've found you we can start your punishment..."

Louise enjoyed a brief moment of hope before Sadie mentioned punishment, at which point an anvil dropped in her stomach. "No! No! Noooooooo! Please! I'm Sorry! I-AAAHHHHHH!" She screamed and pleaded as Sadie gave her a mocking apologetic look and placed her fists on her hips, raising her enormous boot once again and dropping it down towards the girl. The fairy stepped down slowly, allowing Louise to scream and scramble around in the dirt in its shadow, scooting back on her ass and flapping around right up until the warm, smooth rubber sole pressed into her body and pinned her against the ground, at first lightly, then firmly. Louise screamed into it, her head ever so slowly elongating under the pressure and sinking down into the dirt, her wheezy little squeal eventually muffling away as dirt clogged her mouth as Sadie's boot sole pressed flat and level with the ground. Sadie grinned and stepped up onto the girl again, piling her full weight up on top of the girl to the point that she lifted her left foot entirely and rested it down atop the right. This time she had been a little less neat with her positioning and Louise' right arm poked out from beneath the side of her boot, her tiny little fist clenched and white-knuckled in response to the unbearable crushing pain tormenting the rest of her body, muscle spasms making it twitch involuntarily like some trapped insect. "Mmmm...Wanna make you shake, make you quake, inside we're terrorizing...Feel that groove, movin' live and lewd, make your blood come rising...Take me to the stage, I'll take your breath away!" Sadie clasped her hands behind her back, beaming down at her foot as she swayed on the spot gently, humming to herself and singing under her breath as she let the tiny girl suffer under her crushing tread for a few long, agonizing minutes of breathless pain. Sadie lifts her heel, rocking her weight forwards on to her toes and crushing Louise's torso beneath her entire weight, giggling as she feels the ground give way beneath her, dropping her almost an inch as her foot crushed in a deep impression, a sharp, muffled-out whine sounding up to her ears delightfully as Louise's head and chest flattened. Rocking her heel back down, after some five minutes of continuous standing Sadie finally stepped back off the girl and inspected her smugly, seeing her laying in the bottom of that deep boot print, crumpled and flattened, her skin black and blue with blood trickling from her lips and nose, hair all ground into the dirt, her entire body discoloured by grit from her sole. The cruel fairy cackled and stuffed the tow of her boot into the impression, digging the little girl out of there and rolling her back onto some un-trampled soil.

"Hehehe, you look like crap! Though I guess pretty good considering, right? I guess you've noticed by now that I've enchanted you so that you're wonderfully damage resilient. Wanted us to be able to enjoy each other's company for a while...I'd get crawling if I were you though, these boots haven't stomped all over you enough yet!" Louise's body reforms once again while Sadie taunts her, and sure enough as soon as she'd physically able she rolls over onto her belly and begins crawling away from the colossal fairy, dragging herself back towards her car in a futile effort to hide underneath it. Sadie let her go for a while, then started after her with an earth-shuddering stomp, slamming her boot down just inches away from her. She watched the girl judder and panic, and let her crawl a little further before taking her next step and stamping down even closer. "Oooohhhh, better hurry! They're gonna catch you!" And sure enough, once Sadie couldn't afford for Louise to get any closer to her car, they did.

The fairy giantess stomped a heavy boot down on Louise's legs, covering her from hip to toe and pinning her tightly in place. Sadie let her wriggle around like a little worm for a few moments before stepping her other foot forwards and straight down onto her upper body, standing with both feet side by side and utterly burying the poor thing from sight beneath her. She lets her weight sink in for a good long while, standing in place without moving a muscle as she takes a moment to look around the place, seeing the station just as empty as it had been when she first arrived and nothing else but road and hot, dry earth in all directions. It was ever so relaxing here, Sadie really liked it. Then she huffed and turned her attention back to Louise, lifting her boot from the girl's upper body and letting her gasp into the dirt. "How are we doing down there sweetie? Ready to go for a ride? Sure you are!" With a gleeful cackle Sadie steps her foot back down, lifting the other as soon as it landed before stepping that one back down too; shifting her immense, bone-crushing weight from foot to foot on top of the poor girl. Every other second there would be a desperate squeaky little scream followed by an earthy moan as Louise's head was freed and then stepped back down upon as those titanic fairy soles pounded away mercilessly. Sadie giggled like a child and bit her lip as she began to hear, and feel, the first signs of Louise's body breaking down, at first she felt her bones creak and groan beneath her tread, sometime after the first five minutes. Five minutes after that they began to crack and Sadie's boots rose and fell to a crunch-crunch-crunch as Louise's form gave out beneath her, at which point Sadie shuffled her feet forwards a few inches until the girl lay flattened beneath her heels. Continuing in the same fashion, Sadie rocked one foot onto its toes, and then the other, kneading and crunching Louise beneath her heels as they crushed down one after the other, continuing this for several minutes until she felt and heard nothing besides a mushy squelch. "I'm trouble baby, I wanna play...I can't believe, that you would walk my way...I'm trouble baby, I go all the way!" Poor Louise was in a living hell during this whole dreadful experience, laying breathlessly squashed harder and flatter than she ever could have thought possible, feeling as though she was being pummelled beneath a mountain range. She squeaked when she could, gasped when she could, groaned when she could, tears streaking down her face as she sobbed in pain, pooling around the side of her face as it met the saliva flowing freely from her squashed-open mouth, tongue dry and dirt-coated. her nose was squashed and bleeding, and she could taste the blood in her mouth from her cracked lips, though soon it came from within as she coughed, choked and wheezed up little spurts of it from deep within as her insides were pulped by those merciless, trampling boots.

Immune to mortal stamina, Sadie could have marched and jumped on Louise all day long, and would greatly have enjoyed doing so. Unfortunately, she had somewhat of a schedule to keep and couldn't afford to hang around there all day. With a sigh, she gave one last set of heavy jumps with both feet, and stepped off. She smirked at the sight, a miniaturized scene of devastation. About two square feet of flattened earth roughly an inch lower than the surrounding earth, pattered with boot prints. Louise was barely even visible, squashed down into the dirt so much that she had been covered over by it and firmly caked inside. Sadie felt pretty certain she if she simply left her here, she would go completely unnoticed as visitors walked and even drove over her. They wouldn't get that chance however, Sadie had no intention of letting her little victim leave her company any time soon. Leaving Louise alone for now, Sadie instead rooted through her belongings until she found her keys, and unlocked her car so that she could sit down inside. Dumping her pack down off her shoulders, she rested it by the door and took out a water bottle. Digging her fingers down into the dirt where she had trampled Louise, Sadie caught onto her ankle and tugged, peeling her out slowly, which left a funny impression of a miniature human body. For a moment Sadie considered scuffing it over, but decided to leave it. Holding the girl in her hand, the fairy opened the water and began to pour it out over her, rubbing her over with her fingers as she did so, cleaning her of mud and dirt until she looked nice and fresh, except for a few bruises which had yet to heal.


"Ah there we go! Looking much better...All squeaky clean and ready for the next stage! Oohh, this is my favourite part!" Sadie held Louise in one hand while she leant forwards and began untying the long laces of her right boot with her free hand, sitting sideways in the car seat with her legs outside and feet resting on the floor. "Oh...Urgh..Please...My god..Stop...." Louise was beginning to come round again as she lay in the fairy's hand, for the first time since all this started some half an hour ago she actually had the time to think again, and truly come to terms with everything. "You...Stop hurting me, please! I don't understand what you did, or how, or what this is but please, I just want it to stop! You've hurt me so much, I wish you'd just kill me! How can you do this? I was rude but fuck...This is insane...Let me go, please! I won't tell anyone about this I swear! I don't deserve this!" Sadie glanced back to the girl and smirked, shaking her head slowly as the last of her laces came unfastened. "Ohh, yea I understand what you're saying sweetie, I do. It's just...It's not really about you anymore. It's about me...I have to do this. I like to do this. I just needed someone to piss me off enough to want to make them my victim but you see...Now you are my victim, this is it for you. There's no going back now, just me, you, and my big feet. Don't worry though I'll take care of you, I mean, I've already given you immortality! That's more than most people have. Now if we can all stop feeling sorry for ourselves, I have a new home to introduce you to!"

Sadie presses the toes of her left boot into the heel of her right to keep it firm, and tugs her leg back, pulling her foot up and out of it with an exaggerated motion. She sticks her leg straight out in front of her, holding it up and keeping her foot elevated so it doesn't touch the ground. She giggles and smirks, wiggling and flexing her toes inside the confines of their sock, at least all except for her big toe which poked completely free and bare out of a hole. The fairy beamed gleefully with what seemed like pride as her socked foot and empty boot appeared to steam, leaking and radiating greasy, murky coils into the air, making it shimmer. Sadie leaned forwards a little further and extended her arm, holding out the hand containing Louise until she dangled over the dark opening of that fuming boot. "Wait, what? No! You can't! Oh my god, please! No! You can't be serious, please, please, please don't do that to me! I'll do anything else, just please god don't do this to me!" Sadie just lowered her closer towards it with an impish grin and let go with all her fingers except two. "Hehe oh yes I can! Don't worry, I'll let you out once the tour is over. I'm gonna be super busy until then though, probably on my feet and walking all day, sleeping in my clothes, standing at the concerts...Feel free to talk to my foot if you find yourself getting lonely!"

With that Sadie let go and dropped the flailing little girl down into her boot, her desperate scream soon ending with a grunt as she lands at the heel depression of Sadie's insole. She lands with a slight splat, her fall cushioned by a putrid, fuming bog of black gunge which filled the impression, and spanned out down the length of the rest of the insole in the shape of Sadie's foot, toes and all. Louis goes to scream, but the sound catches in her throat as she inhales the murky, greenish haze that hangs all about her inside the confines of that boot like a damp, humid mist. Instead she retches and clasps her hands to her face, covering her nose and mouth as she coughs. The lungful of boot musk sets her eyes on fire and she begins to cough uncontrollably as she takes another sniff of the foot-funk fogging all around her, such a rotten, tangy, sour vinegary smell of worn-out leather, burned rubber and stale, rancid sweat. Louise gazed up out of the opening into the daylight above with bloodshot, teary eyes, seeing Sadie smirking down at her, perfectly framed by the rim of the boot. She raises her foot over the hole and shouts down inside briefly. "Well, I guess this is it! Make yourself at home and stuff. Hehe, see you in a month!"

"No! Wait! Oh for the love of god no! Please! Nooo!" The foot raised over, and slowly descending towards, the opening of the boot was the most foul looking thing Louise had ever seen. The red and black stripes of the sock were stained dark brown-black with the print of her sole, and it bore several holes worn through beneath the heel and ball of her foot. The ratty, rancid looking thing was clearly horribly old, and the grotesque cloud of hazy foot stench that hung about it was positively stomach-churning. The thick, damp fabric clung tightly to ever crease and wrinkle of her sole, trampled and mashed in tightly over the weeks of constant wear. Sadie's impish face gradually disappeared behind it as it came closer and closer, eventually eclipsing all light and sealing Louise in darkness as it entered the boot. The tiny girl screamed and collapsed down onto her ass into the black insole grime, feeling a searing heat pressing down on her from above and assuming it was the foot getting close to her now. She shuffled back on her ass and hands frantically, whimpering as the insole muck oozed up between her fingers, tears streaking down her cheeks as the rancid odour stang them and tore at the insides of her lungs; suffocating thick, dense and damp. Something touched her foot, and she gurgled another cry of terror and shuffled back even more frantically, fleeing from Sadie's wriggling toes as they slipped further and further inside. The reeking digits finally caught up with her as she ran out of room inside the toe end of the boot, and they crawled up over her feet, ankles and shins greedily, creeping up her body further and further while Louise screeched and swatted at them. The rank, sodden fabric of the thick sock smeared steamy hot sticky sweat over her naked form as it smothered over her, soon covering her belly, and then chest; Louise giving one final wheezing, raspy scream before Sadie's putrid toes smothered her face beneath a wall of rotten sweaty fabric.

Sadie's own foot fumes quickly filled the tight confines of the boot, roiling around like a cloud that only grew increasingly moist, heavy and dense the longer it was contained, a thick cloying fog that would have been almost impossible to see through had there been any light inside the boot. The fairy's own foot reeked an intense, skin-itching odour far, far worse than what had resided within that rank boot already, increasing the noxious stench threefold from what it had been and subjecting Louise to a virtually toxic miasma that straight up burned her nose hairs away and made her feel as if her lungs might rot out of her body. Louise convulsed and writhed beneath Sadie's immense foot, her little body twitching and squirming involuntarily as her nervous system buckled under the attack on her senses, her mouth joining her tortured nose in repulsed suffering as putrid sweaty moisture seeped inside to coat her tongue with unbearable salty, tangy bitterness. She gagged on the fetid odour that flooded into her lungs with every breath, the stifling fumes catching in her throat and barely letting her get them down, causing her to dry-heave frantically as the scent made her sick to her stomach and then some. She hacked, choked and wheezed in the rotten miasma helplessly, face wet and saturated in Sadie's sweat as it rested beneath the arch of her toes, smothered by her sock, nothing but more sock to the left of her and that big, green-tinged, grime blackened bare toe to her right. Sadie beamed happily to herself meanwhile, sitting up above while she tied her laces back up tightly, tugging the bow taught with no intention of undoing it again for at least several weeks, and likely longer. She not only knew that things would only get worse for Louise over time, but in fact looked forward to it, giggling to herself as she dreamed of the point where sweat began to seep through the very rubber of her sole.

Clapping her hands together, she hopped up to her feet, heavy boots stomping down into the dirt as she let her full weight crash back down onto Louise. Her feet squelched inside her boots, the girl under her foot squashing down into her spongy insole with a wet squish while sweat bubbled up between her toes, oozing out under the pressure. She cackled and stepped left to right on the spot a few times, enjoying the new sensation of Louise squishing and squashing in there. She tugged her hefty pack back up and swung it back over her shoulder, looking back towards the store. She walked towards it, mashing and pounding the poor girl underfoot carelessly as she went, only thinking about what she might get to eat and drink as she tugged the door open and stepped inside. Besides buying things for her meal now, she would stock up on supplies until her pack bulged and couldn't fit any more, and head back out on the road without wasting any more time, finding the journey much more enjoyable now that she had someone to share it with. She wouldn't have to stop again until she reached the city, some 200 miles away yet. Once there things would begin to get really fun, for she knew all too well how vigorous rocking out could get.


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