Public Toilet (The Dark-Type Remix)

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Public Toilet (The Dark-Type Remix) Empty Public Toilet (The Dark-Type Remix)

Post by TheShinyUmbreon on Sun Jun 19, 2016 11:39 am

(This story contains watersports, torture, guro, noncon, and rape. Next chapter will contain scat.)

Chapter 1: Awakening

He woke up when he felt a strong kick to his ribs. He then screamed, or tried to, not from the kick, but because his arms, legs, and a few ribs were broken. His footpaws were tied to his neck, and his legs had been snapped to make this possible. His arms were broken as well, in many places. There was also a nail through his cock pinning it to the floor, with a piece of paper saying "Stomp for Flush" attached. Blood was soaking his blue and whine fur, and bones were poking out in places. All he could smell was piss and shit. When he looked around, he saw that he was chained to the wall in the stall of a public bathroom. Then, he was kicked again, another rib shattering.
"Oh, stop whining. You're fine!" said a voice that sounded familiar.
He looked up to see a tall fur in a cloak, covering their whole body except the head, which was covered in shadows from the hood, and only the glowing red eyes could be seen. The figure looked down on his shattered body.
Fizzy tried to speak, but found his voice box removed. He could only wheeze.
"Yeah, I was tired of your whimpering and whining in your sleep, so I cut out your voice box. Besides, who wants a toilet that whines?!"
The figure kicked him again, revealing that they were wearing heavy, steel plated boots. There was a crack as another one of his ribs broke. He wheezed loudly, his eyes watering from the pain. He then realized there was a cold metal collar around his neck, a little too tightly, making every breath hurt even more than it would normally with his broken ribs.
"Now, you are here for one reason. To serve as a public toilet for one week. After that, I will assess whether or not you deserve to stay alive. You will also notice you have a shock collar around your neck. If you do something I think you shouldn't, I will trigger it. People will piss, shit, puke, fart, cum, and bleed on you. You will eat anything that enters your mouth. Any questions?"
Fizzy tried to ask why he was there, but, of course, he couldn't.
"Good. I'll be watching."
After a solid kick to Fizzy's stomach, causing him to retch, the figure left the bathroom. Fizzy sat there, unable to move any part of him except his head, and cried to himself. He could taste bile and blood in his mouth, and found that his teeth had all been removed, leaving him with ragged, bloody holes where they used to be.
After a little bit, Fizzy heard the door to the bathroom open. He made the loudest noise he could, but there was no response as the fur walked into his stall. The fur was a male anthro tiger of average height and weight, his fur sticking to his skin from all the sweat he had worked up running. He had big around ear heaphones on, and Fizzy could faintly hear the tinny hiss of his music. He was also wearing a tank top and tight shorts that showed off his toned ass. He looked at Fizzy's broken body, his face no different than if Fizzy was a normal toilet. A name tag on his chest revealed his name to be Carter. The tiger then pulled his shorts down, revealing a large, barbed cock. He then shoved his cock in Fizzy's mouth, and started to urinate.
"Ahhhhh... finally. I was holding that for a while, might have drank too much coffee this morning."
Fizzy choked on the furs large cock, almost vomiting, before hot, bitter piss shot out like a hose from the fur's cock, filling his mouth. It was even more bitter from all the coffee the fur had drank, and stung when it entered the holes in Fizzy's jaw. Some piss dribbled down his neck, coating the fur's cock and balls. The tiger's eyes flashed.
"What kind of toilet can't even drink piss?!"
Carter spat in Fizzy's eye, before noticing the paper nailed to his cock. A sadistic grin slowly grew on Carter's face.
"Well THAT explains it! I wasn't flushing properly!"
Carter lifted his foot up, and stomped on Fizzy's small, pierced cock as hard as he could. Fizzy gurgled loudly, but swallowed in an attempt to appease Carter. It seemed to work, as Carter didn't stomp on his cock again. Fizzy swallowed as best he could, until finally Carter was done.
"There, that wasn't so bad, was it, toilet?"
Carter smiled gently, before violently ripping his barbed cock out of Fizzy's mouth, tearing his lips apart, and opening the partially healed holes where his teeth used to be. Fizzy whimpered, and started crying again. Carter laughed before pulling up his shorts up and jogging out.
Soon after, the lights in the bathroom went out, leaving Fizzy in darkness, to cower and cry until the next time the lights turned on.


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