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Post by Kenta on Mon Jun 06, 2016 8:41 pm

This was talked about shortly in the Rules and Regulations topic. But it will be talked more about, in this topic.

Kinks comes in all different shapes, sizes and are all different. And everyone is allowed to enjoy whatever they want, and thankfully Fart and Stinkers RP allows you to bring them here, and rp with them outside of the Farting and Stinky Fetishes (even which certain people only like certain stinks and prefer not to use or have others in their rps).

But like before, as we are able to enjoy whatever kink we want. Some may not feel the same way about it, and some people may even be disgusted by it. So we do have to be mindful of that.

So to sort this time of situation out (We will be using what F-List does for their kinks, but don't waste your time with the long process), put in your signatures, Fave, Yes, Maybe and No. (At the bottom, I'll explain how to get to your signature and do those things.)

Also if you don't want to see a certain kink in your rp, make sure to put it in the first Post of the topic when you create the rp. If you don't then your pretty much leaving in open invitation for people to bring whatever kink they want into the rp.


And now to sort out signatures. This will be a step-by-step process to help.

1. Go to your on Profile, by clicking on "Profile" on the top bar on the forums.
2. Once you are in your profile, you will have a little mini bar (that has, Information, Preferences, etc.) and click on "Signature"
3. Type out your kinks, in Fave, Yes, Maybe or No. And press Save

After your done that, it shall be showing on your signature everytime you make a post.


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Kinks Regulation Empty Re: Kinks Regulation

Post by Kenta on Mon Jun 06, 2016 8:56 pm

Kinks Test

Armpit & BO Stink/Sweat
Ass Sniffing
Breast Odor/Sweat
Crotch Farting
Face Farting
Fart Stinkfacing
Foot Odor
Second Hand Smoking
Stinky/Bad Breath
Stinky Burps
Underwear/Pantie Sniffing
Vagina/Female Crotch Odor/Sweat
Extreme Musk
Face Sitting


Males - I prefer to rp with mostly female characters, but I can sometimes rp with, male characters, depending on the mood.
Penise/Male Crotch Odor/Sweat
Scat - sometimes I am fine with it, depending on if I am willing or not.

Pain Torture


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