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Post by Luca_The_Stinkier on Sat Oct 15, 2016 12:13 am

Name: Luca



Look Description: He's a skinny and small boy, however he looks like a very tomboyish girl making people confused as to what gender he is. He has light caramel skin, messy hair and red freckles along his face. As well as what would be considered a godly ass for someone his age. His hair is a light ginger. He's normally seen wearing t shirt's with hoods, tight and small bike shorts that cause you to see his little bulge and the underneath of his buttcheaks.

Weight:140 pounds

Height: 5'5

Bio: he is very playful and touchy. He's normally always sweating and his breath is horrible... He's very carefree about his gas. Farting and burping whenever he has to..which is a lot.

Additional Information: Ever since he met Nei on the original busride up to the camp, he's had a strange attraction to him and follows him around everywhere.

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