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Post by Sweatygirllover on Tue Aug 29, 2017 8:03 am

In a world much like our own a calamity came from dimensions unknown. This calamity would doom all of mankind and overthrow their rule over the planet. After much fighting humanity was a broken shadow of it's former self. What brought on this terrible tide? Why, the monsters that came and fed off of the fear and disgust of men and women alike. At first they were merely brutal savages, killing off the new found prey, but decades later, with human numbers dwindling, something changed within them. Now, perhaps due to the need for humanity in order to survive themselves, they thrive not on killing, but torturing mortals with the ungodly reek they output from every part of their exclusively womanly bodies.

You are a rarity. A human, being forced out of your home under the guise of being a chosen hero to rid the world of monsters! In reality, you are nothing more than a sacrifice. With the population of your secretive home growing dangerously large, you are banished and left for a fate worse than death. Many people suffer your fate, whether you view it as an honour, or a curse is up to you...

Try your best to stay alive and clear of monsters, lest you be captured and left to the task of escaping a prison camp made to milk all the disgusting suffering possible from it's human inheritance.

1. You may attempt to escape or play a new character if your character is captured. No true games overs by monsters.
2. You have to worry about eating/drinking something at least once every three days or you will be auto captured. (To give characters a reason to keep moving)
3. You can steal, torture, all but kill other characters if you are truly desperate, but at the cost obviously, of their trust.
4. The RP will take place here, and the Prison Camp
5. You must play a monster girl for others if you want monster girls played for you. Not to say you need to every time, but no being selfish and only mooching off others.


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