Desolate Monster Girl character creation.

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Desolate Monster Girl character creation. Empty Desolate Monster Girl character creation.

Post by Sweatygirllover on Tue Aug 29, 2017 9:06 am

Character sheet template.


Race:(Human or what kind of monster.)

Age: (Apparent age for monsters.)

Appearance: (Brief description or a picture for you lazy bones.)

Items:One days rations and, (Choose 2 from list below.)

Strengths: (Useful skills, training, techniques, etc.)

Weaknesses: (Maybe a fear of feet, a bad leg, something exploitable in one way or another. Must have at least one.)

Stench stats: (humans scale from 1-40, monsters from 20-100. May be skipped by humans. Stench equates to taste mostly.)
B.O.: (Armpits, breasts, etc.)

Stink resistance: (How quickly they succumb to stench torture methods. NOT the same as a fetish. One can have a fetish but pass out easy.

Orientation: (If a character is straight but you'd be okay with forced homosexuality or vice versa, say so here.)

Other: (Any background information or important details that you felt weren't already covered.)

<Possible Items> Rope. Dagger. Glass bottle of water. Vile of monster repellent(1 time use). Extra days ration. Smelling salts(Revive 1 thing from unconsciousness. Fire starter. Alcohol.


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Desolate Monster Girl character creation. Empty Re: Desolate Monster Girl character creation.

Post by Sweatygirllover on Tue Aug 29, 2017 9:31 am

Name: Riogh


Age: 21

Appearance: Riogh is a 6' 172lbs caucasian male. He wears a white t-shirt, blue jeans and a black leather jacket. He has green eyes and short brown hair. He's tall, but skinny, only a bit of athletic muscle tone.

Items:One days rations, extra days ration, and Alcohol.

Strengths: Moderate knowledge of martial arts, athletic, endurance jogger.

Weaknesses: Slow runner despite his height. Fear of being immobile.

Stench stats: N/A

Stink resistance: 30/50

Orientation: Straight.

Other: Riogh is secretly devastated by his fate. He uses alcohol and other substances to take his mind off of his situation and will take great risk to obtain it.


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Desolate Monster Girl character creation. Empty Re: Desolate Monster Girl character creation.

Post by NEON_BOI on Tue Aug 29, 2017 5:55 pm

There could not have been a more ill fated pick to send out into the monster-infested wastes, according to the man himself at least. But perhaps there is some credence to the saying "Survival of the Smartest".

Name: Jack (Or "Jacky", as he prefers to be called.)

Race: Human

Age: 18

Appearance: Jacky is boyish and unimposing in both features and stature at only 5'2" and a small frame that looks barely stronger than a wet piece of toilet paper.
His red/auburn hair is medium-long and in a perpetual state of bed head, giving him an easy going, relaxed aura. While his large and strikingly blue eyes tend to make him instantly likeable and give off a sense of (false) innocence.
Jacky will typically wear whatever is practical and available but at the time of departing into the wilderness he wears a tattered, sleeveless black designer t-shirt, grey sweatpants, and white sneakers.
But Jacky's most striking feature is the large and crude tattoo (which he administered himself) over his right forearm which details many basic survival tricks and recipes he had learned from various books over the years... Too bad no one else can read it due to Jacky's abysmal hand writing.

Item: One day's rations, Rope, Bottle of Water.

Strengths: Jacky is absurdly charismatic, and he exploits this ruthlessly to get himself out of or into trouble, aquire free or discounted shit whenever possible, and surround himself with friends very quickly. This also helps Jacky keep morale in a group high (when he's not busy wallowing in self-pity or cowering in a corner).
There is also the aforementioned tattoo, which, if Jacky has a knife and ink he will add to upon finding something worth remembering this can even include a small, crude map.
Jacky's small size and knowledge of survival also makes him a perfect recon agent (if one can convince him to leave the safety of the group, that is).
High intelligence, if only the bookish kind with no real experience to apply it to. Still, Jacky's head for logistics can make him an apt strategist.
Despite Jacky's stature he is surprisingly durable and can bounce back pretty quick (physically, that is) even after brutal stench or taste to nose or mouth torture, or even trampling.

Weaknesses: Jacky's diminutive size and negligible strength make him easy prey in close combat and even easier to just flat out dominate. You could probably restrain him with one bread wire and a sock.
Jacky also has a obvious intense fear of feet, especially smelly, sweaty, and/or dirty feet. Or really anything "unclean". Thus, if he is tortured, especially with feet, expect there to be a  long while of trauma to go through after.
This germophobia also makes him an incredibly shitty doctor or medic, despite any knowledge he may have on the subject.
Jacky is also generally cowardly and when it's fight or flight time he has a tendency to simply hide behind a rock and cry.
Fear of the dark.
Fear of isolation (Due to how vulnerable he is on his own).
For all the book smarts Jacky has, he still has no real experience surviving in a hostile environment. This can lead to good ideas and tactics being executed poorly and backfiring horribly. This issue is compounded further by his occasionally reckless personality.
Jacky's high durability and endurance also make him easier to torture for longer periods of time and at higher intensity, as it is unlikely he will pass out.
The tattoo comes at a price, if another survivor or group can manage to make out the writing, they may decide that Jacky is worth taking for themselves.

Stink Resistance 50/50 (Won't pass out, as much as he would want to, but will flip the fuck out.)

Orientation: Straight (But feels hardly any attraction to anyone at all.)

Traits/Other: Has recently convinced himself he's a nihilist to cope with his lot in life, but he doesn't actually believe in it, despite any rantings on chaos and the meaninglessness of reality.

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Desolate Monster Girl character creation. Empty Re: Desolate Monster Girl character creation.

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