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Post by Femboy Fartgod on Sun Jun 12, 2016 3:22 am

Name: Collin Klark

Ring Name: The Fartgod

Age: 19

Weight: Unknown

Height: 5'2

Look Description: The Fartgod Femboy_fart_god

Entrance Music: Baby Got Back

Major Moves and Finishers:
Megaton Booty: Jumps off the turnbuckle and slams the opponent in the face with my ass. Usually farting on impact, and often riding them down into a facesit.

Stink Mace: Bends over and fires a concentrated pepper-spray of fart gas, blinding and dazing the opponent.

Letting It Free: I remove my clothes, fighting the rest of the match nude. My gas builds up while I have my pants on, and the full power is only released once I remove them. This is effectively a limiter removal, making my stinks much stronger, based on how long the match has gone on. There's also a risk of the opponent simply being stunned speechless at the sight of me.

Copycat: I'm a master at copying moves, and can make use of the opponent's tricks against them after having seen them in the past. This only applies to moves of the current opponent.

Stinkface: The classic, pushing the opponent's head against the turnbuckle by slamming my ass in their face.

Stinkplex: I catch the opponent's arms with my legs, pulling my butt into their face and farting mercelessly, before using my weight to flip through the air and slam them into the mat. May turn into a facesit pin.

Facesit Pin: My trademark way of pinning my opponent. Of course I'll be farting to make it even harder to escape.

Divine Punishment: A gigantic fart that fills the entire stadium in an endless brown fog. Massively powerful and disgusting, it's effectively my ultimate attack. It doesn't have as much stopping power as a direct personal hit, but it fills the arena and hits everyone, making it absolutely deadly in a rumble.

God's Toilet: A stinkface in which I proceed to use my opponent as a toilet, forcing them to eat my turds in the process. Only if their alright with scat naturally.

Plaything of the Gods: A stinkface which then turns to anal vore as I slowly swallow the opponent into my bowels. Ending the match once their fully swallowed. Only if their alright with anal vore naturally. If alright with vore and scat, you get a bonus scene in which I return to the lockerroom and take a crap on you.

Bio: The beautiful god of farts. All powerful, all beloved, and feared and worshiped by my opponents. According to me anyway. My gimmick is basically being as arrogant and stuck up as possible, and quite assured on my own perfection. Make no mistake, my farts are unbelievably powerful, but even that can't make up for an ego this size!

Additional Info: Despite being very much a heel, my gorgeous looks lead to me getting a higher then normal amount of commecials and press materials, most of which are filled to the brim with fanservice and shots of my butt and thong. Not to mention having the privalege of the world's most famous butt song as my theme. I'd never qualify as a face, but I'm still far more media-oriented then most heels.
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